Advisory Services


Digitalization Requires a Comprehensive Strategy

Digital Technologies such as cloud, mobile, social and big data are rapidly changing business models. Open innovation, customer co-creation and agile techniques are re-defining how solutions are deployed and the speed at which new solutions get to market.

Market leaders use these technologies to develop new ecosystems and provide seamless solutions delivered at unprecedented speed so they can respond to rapid changes in business strategy.

A successful digital transformation requires a cohesive digital strategy that addresses technology and process transformation combined with supporting governance and delivery models. The lack of a coherent digital strategy causes organizations to adopt point solutions which drive up cost, create complexity and performance gaps limiting agility and growth.


Digital Strategy consulting helps organizations fast-track the Digital Transformation Journey. Xanthus offers an agile approach to assess and analyze current Digital activities, architecture, sourcing and processes to identify quality enhancing and cost saving opportunities and map out a Digital Transformation. Our Digital Transformation helps our clients make the successful shift to a Digital Enterprise.

Our unique blend of business and technology experience can be focused on your unique challenges, allowing you to chart your own digital transformation journey.

IT Advisory Services consulting is composed of three service elements, from coaching and advising our clients on the Business of IT, to creating a clear and simple IT Strategy and helping our clients build an IT Service Excellence culture within their business.

IT Advisory services also help our clients unlock all the value that Xanthus can offer their business, by having both a deep understanding of our customers commercial and technology needs combined with the ability to align them with our extensive suite of solutions.