Architecture Evaluation

Is your architecture meeting the top-level requirements that are most significant to your stakeholders? A lack of fitness of the chosen architecture strategies and standards can result in a situation where security, performance, customer satisfacction, scalability and availability goals remain unmet. Instead of just assuming that the system architecture will work as expected for the anticipated business goals, Xanthus can offer services that ensure systematic evaluation of its fitness.

Xanthus is proficient in appraising the architecture, assessing its ability to meet non-functional requirements, detecting design errors, and identifying potential architecture risks to the project early on in the software development life cycle (SDLC).

Our methodology comprises of a scenario-based, standardized, architecture-centric evaluation process. We focus on revealing architectural risks that potentially inhibit the achievement of an organization’s significant business goals.

We increase communication and superior architectural understanding among stakeholders of the system and enable them to make informed decisions about architectural design or upgrade in the light of:


Clarified quality attribute requirements

Recorded data using qualitative questioning technique

Improved architecture documentation

Documented basis for making architectural decisions

Prioritization of conflicting quality goals

Identification of risks early in the software development life cycle (SDLC)

The other terms in use for evaluation of architectures are: assessment, analysis, validation, & review.