Strategy and Planning

The fundamental reasons for establishing an RFID strategy include determining the various impacts of RFID technology, ensuring basic understanding and buy-in from senior management, deployment strategies, and other policies can drive and guaranteeing cross-functional support.

For a business, the RFID strategy provides an enterprise-level plan that aligns with overall business goals and strategies. When formulated at this level, a RFID strategy offers benefits to the widest range of interested parties and facilitates buy-in from senior management. It is strongly recommended that you have a RFID strategy in place before attempting any effort to deploy the technology.

Your RFID strategy should provide an outline to use the technology aligned with an enterprise’s strategic visions and goals. A business that strives to be a model of efficiency could use RFID to streamline the operations is a typical example. The RFID strategy is applicable whether big or small business because RFID is going to be found anywhere in the near future – however, a uniform strategy is not going to work for all businesses.

This is where Xanthus comes in. We help businesses create their own unique RFID strategy. In addition, we work with you to determine how RFID can create value that is aligned with your strategic direction, ensuring the technology meets customer mandates and the entire implementation is within tolerable cost and risk ranges.