System Architecture

Software architecture design is an indispensable part of any software project, providing a clear technical vision for efficient and timely completion of the development process. Businesses are under increasing pressure to adapt rapidly and effortlessly, so the right balance between design that ensures both business agility and responsiveness is essential.

Based on mature, field-proven design, assessment, and estimation methodologies, our software architecture service offerings include design/discovery of green-field solution architecture and operations, assessment of existing architecture, legacy architecture modernization, and long-term architectural project support.

This multi-paradigm approach allows us to design solutions quickly and effectively for projects of all sizes, from one-team projects to multiple teams with hundreds of developers.

With a focus on driving application design, discovery process and architectural assessment of solutions of any size and complexity, our solutions and application architects:


Facilitate cooperation of all stakeholders, and define and prioritize architectural driver solutions

Develop system quality attributes such as performance, scalability, availability, fault-tolerance, security, deployment, maintainability, etc.

Analyze, model, document, and assess existing software architectures according to the Architecture Trade-off Analysis methodology

Define architecture strategies, standards, processes, technologies and tools in architecture visions

Translate business, functional, and non-functional requirements obtained from a customer into a high quality solution architecture vision and operations plan, consistent with enterprise architectural standards

Drive or assist in solution implementation estimation and roadmap construction