Technology Roadmap

Many companies have developed an overall business strategy but often times are unsure how to translate their strategy into the implementation of technology. A technology roadmap provides your business with a segmented stepwise approach to achieve your company’s business goals for the long term. This document provides an extremely high level and well defined map to compare future progress against a long term technology plan. A technology roadmap does not define specific projects as it relates to your business; instead it focuses more on your strategy and technology goals as a whole.

Some situations when you may want to partner with Xanthus for our Roadmapping, Analysis and Software Architecture Services include:


You would like to move an existing product to the Cloud and need the technical design to ensure the security and scalability are preserved and enhanced

You are looking for a turn-key specification document that includes functional requirements and technical underpinnings that you can put out to bid by multiple vendors

You are ready to mobile-enable your offering but want to ensure that platform selection, user interface, and technical design are all done right

You are switching to a SaaS product delivery and want to define the technical approach to the multi-tenant implementation

You are looking to refactor a legacy product into MVC tiered-architecture but do not have resources who know MVC well enough to understand the level of complexity and effort involved in refactoring

You have an idea and a business plan and need to select the technology and create the technical roadmap on how your idea will become a reality

You are building a new product but before retaining Xanthus to build it you want to scope it out and plan the implementation track

You would like assistance with a particular track of Road Map definition such as Technology Selection or UX design